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FeetUp® Yoga Headstand Stool | FeetUp® Trainer

Frequently asked questions

Who can use the FeetUp® Trainer?

With the FeetUp® Trainer we developed a tool that makes the headstand accessible for everyone. Originally, the idea behind the FeetUp® Trainer was to create a beginners' tool. The positive feedback confirms one thing above all else: the headstand with the FeetUp® Trainer is child's play! Experienced yogis will delight in countless new ways of varying their practice with the FeetUp® Trainer.

What are the advantages of doing the headstand with the FeetUp® Trainer?

The FeetUp® Trainer helps you achieve inverted postures in a unique and gentle way. Getting your feet up has never been easier and more accessible.

The weight of your body doesn't rest on your head, but is spread on your shoulders evenly. Thus your head hangs without strain, and your cervical spine is gently streched.

You can keep your balance easily by holding onto the bars of the FeetUp® Trainer. Thanks to the comfortable bolstering, resting in an inverted posture even for minutes at a time is a very pleasant experience.

How long should I stay upside down?

Our recommendation: only a few seconds in the beginning. If you pratice regularly, it won't take you long to be able to rest in an inverted position for much longer. The best is to listen to what your body is telling you.  

What does an inverted posture with the FeetUp® Trainer feel like?

Some practitioners feel a slight pressure in their head when using the FeetUp® Trainer for the first time. If it is the case for you, remember: your body needs some time to get used to the unfamiliar position and the new blood flow that comes with it. Do it regularly, and it should turn into a pleasant feeling after just a few practices. All that will remain is a soothing warmth. 

What are the benefits of inversions?

The ancient scriptures of the yoga masters speak about the invigorating effects of inverted postured on the body and the mind. The reverted gravity has a training effect on your cardiovascular system. You can find further information about the health benefits of inversions in yoga specialist literature and on the internet.

Should I talk to a doctor before using the FeetUp® Trainer (contraindications)?

Please talk to a doctor first when you…

What wood is the FeetUp® Trainer made of?

The frame of the FeetUp® Trainer is made from multilayer beech wood, which is bent from one continuous piece, making it strong and flexible at the same time. Just like a yogi :-).

What's the maximum load-bearing capacity?

In a load-bearing test at Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, the FeetUp® Trainer endured a load of 900 kg. The official load-bearing capacity from our side is 120 kg bodyweight.

Can I try out the FeetUp® Trainer nearby?

Ask your local yoga studio if they have a FeetUp® Trainer. If they don't, ask them why not :-). You can also use our yoga school finder.

Can I get some more advice?

You can reach us via our contact form.

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