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FeetUp® Yoga Headstand Stool | FeetUp® Trainer

About Us

The FeetUp® Trainer - the original since 2008.

From the idea to the finished Trainer:

Form follows function: Kilian is a yoga teacher and designer from the Allgäu. He's a creative mind too, which is why he worked on his concept of a headstand stool, until it was ready for production in 2008. The FeetUp® Trainer was born, and it opened up a whole new perspective to the yoga community.

Kilian at a barefoot mountain run in Switzerland, 2010

How did the name FeetUp® come about?:

In the beginning, Kilian dubbed his creation "headstand stool", later "yoga stool". Both names seemed okay, but something was missing. 2010 came the brainwave. The head is down. Head down? No. The feet are up. Yes! FeetUp® Trainer.

It's not to be confused with feed up (with a d). You're definitely not going to gain any weight by using the stool, probably the opposite. That's what happens if you stay physically active. :-)

FeetUp® logo since 2011

Development in Europe:

Since then, thousands of people have been enabled to stand on their heads with ease. The exercise will go smoothly from your very first attempt. Kilian is sure: "All participants in my workshops and classes – old, young and in between – have succeeded in doing the headstand. It's more about trust rather than strength." The FeetUp® Trainer consistently receives positive feedback at yoga events throughout Europe.

Today, the FeetUp® Trainer is a sophisticated training device, tried and recommended by many experienced yoga teachers, turning a growing fanbase across Europe on its head.

FeetUp® yoga class in Barcelona with Maren Weege from London

FeetUp® becomes a family enterprise:

In 2012, Kilian founded the Freigeist Products GmbH. Based in the Allgäu, it is a genuine family business: Besides his parents, Kilian's Sister Marein joined the freethinkers, taking care of many partnering FeetUp® yoga studios.


What does the future hold? Ever more people turning themselves – and maybe their lives – upside down. We hereby invite you to do treat yourself and your body with something good, according to the motto: "A headstand a day, keeps the doctor away!"

Reach your full potential and always remember:

If you turn the world on its head, you've got the heavens at your feet.

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