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FeetUp® Yoga Headstand Stool | FeetUp® Trainer

FeetUp® Exercises

First steps with the FeetUp® Trainer

Starting position: dive in!
  Step 2: Walk close towards the FeetUp® Trainer.
Step 3: lift your hips 
Step 4: Feet Up!


Variations with the FeetUp® Trainer

The FeetUp® Trainer is a true allrounder. On our large FeetUp® exercise poster - which is included in every FeetUp® package - you'll find more than 100 additional exercises covering the following categories: leg variations, shoulder openers, leg variations, shoulder openers, forward bends, backward bends, arm balances, standing postures, sitting postures, meditation and shoulder massages.

These exercises and many more can be found on our FeetUp® exercise poster in A2 format. We've also included three FeetUp® sun salutations.

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