Yoga is all about the right posture. A pose might look super fancy, but if your posture is wrong, fancy won't get you very far. Luckily, our FeetUp Trainer doesn't only get you upside down but also helps you do the yoga poses the right way. Here is how to get into the right posture using the FeetUp Trainer.

❤️ Asana 1: Upward facing dog

The upward facing dog is a yoga exercise that you certainly know. It opens your rib cage, trains your back and also provides a firm butt. Support your hands on the woody sides of your FeetUp and take a big step backwards. Then first put your right foot back and get on the back of your foot, then the left, as you move your weight further onto your arms. Tighten your entire body and squeeze the shoulder blades together to open the chest as much as possible. Make sure your buttocks are not sagging by tensing your legs and buttocks firmly.


❤️ Asana 2: Forward Bend

Sit on the edge of the of your FeetUp cushion and extend your legs straight, the heels touching the floor. Then slowly bring your upper body to your thighs, always making sure your back is straight. Then try to grab your feet with your hands. Not only does this exercise train the back of your legs and stretches your hamstrings, it also promotes your discipline. Stay in this pose for at least 10 minutes and just let go.


❤️ Asana 3: Forward Fold (for Advanced yogis and/or bendy people)

This exercise looks so simple and yet there are so many who find it so difficult. For many, it seems impossible to reach their feet with their hands. But practice is known to make perfect. Stand with your legs straight on the cushion of your FeetUp and bend your upper body forward slowly. Try to bring your upper body to your thighs as close as possible, almost as if you were going to lay your upper body on top of them. You can hang your head easily. If you are very flexible, you can use your hands to grip the feet of your FeetUp and pull yourself further down.


❤️ Asana 4: Half Moon Pose

This exercise trains your balance while also opening your rib cage. Especially for those of you who often lose their balance in this pose, the FeetUp is very helpful. Stand with your legs straight in front of your FeetUp. Take a step back with your left foot and get into a lunge. Then tense your core and put your left hand on your left hip. Lift your left foot off the ground and extend your leg behind you until it is parallel to the floor. Your right hand is on the FeetUp cushion and provides stability. Now rotate your hips so the left side is stacked over the right. Your left foot will now point outside. The last step is to bring your left hand straight up, opening your rib cage.


❤️ Asana 5: Bowed Half moon pose

Starting position is the Half Moon Pose. From there, bend your left knee and hold your left ankle with your left hand. Press it lightly into the palm of your hand to open your back further. Make sure to squeeze your left shoulder to open the ribcage even more.


❤️ Asana 6: The three-legged dog

The downward facing dog is probably the most famous dog ever. But have you ever heard of the three-legged dog? This exercise is especially good at stretching your hips while providing all the other benefits you can get from the downward facing dog. Support yourself with your hands on the wooden sides of your FeetUp and take a big step backwards with both legs. Try to get your heels to the floor while you're straightening your legs. The arms are stretched out too. Now lift your right foot off the ground and stretch it in the air. You can either open your hips by bending your right knee and rotating your hips, or you can close your hips. In that case, your right leg and right arm should form a straight line.


❤️ Asana 7: Extended Puppy Pose

This asana provides a good stretch in the upper back, shoulders, spine and in the arms. First, get into an all-four position with your hips over your knees. Start to slowly move your hands forward until you can grab the sides of your FeetUp. As you do so, slowly sink to the bottom of your chest, giving the upper back and arms a wonderful stretch.



❤️ Asana 8: Pike Headstand

For a FeetUp Yoga sequence the headstand cannot be missing. In the pike version, this asana provides not only for a good circulation of your head, but also for strong abdominal muscles. Put your head into the opening of your FeetUp and hold onto the wooden sides with your hands. Your feet are still on the ground. Instead of bringing one leg up after the other, you try to bring them up at the same time. When your legs are parallel to the ground, hold them shortly and bring them down again. Repeat this exercise a few times and you will feel your abdominal muscles the next day!


❤️ Asana 9: Back Bend

First, sit on the floor in front of your FeetUp trainer, knees bent, feet on the floor. Then slowly lower your torso back onto the cushion of the FeetUp and reach your arms behind you until you can grab the feet of the stool. Your butt lifts a few inches off the ground. This exercise opens your ribcage and provides a great stretch for your upper back.


❤️ Asana 10: Supported Lunge

For those who suffer from a stiff hip, this exercise is perfect. First, place your forearm on the FeetUp cushion, then place your right foot on the outside of your FeetUp, while the left foot takes a big step back. Make sure that the left leg is always active, meaning tightened, and does not sink down. For an extra stretch, you can then push your right knee a little further outside.

Photos: Simon Toplak Photography

December 06, 2017 — Céline Houllé

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