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Why do yogis do headstands?


They don't only practice headstands, but also the handstand. Inversions generally have many advantages. They promote blood circulation and relieve pressure on the hips and legs. The increased circulation of the head brings great benefits to the entire organism. The change of position massages the internal organs. Heaven and earth become one as your crown chakra turns to the ground.

Another significant aspect is that you overcome fears by balancing your head, whether in handstands or on the FeetUp.


What are the advantages of a headstand with the FeetUp® Trainer?


I speak from personal experience: I have inherited a defect in the spine, a small scoliosis (a slightly bent spine, author's note). The headstand was always hard for me, but it was part of my exercises. FeetUp was the answer here in many ways. It takes the pressure off the cervical vertebrae and stretches the neck. FeetUp allows you to move your neck freely, which is very, very helpful. You do not even need to warm up. You can wake up in the morning and just hop in. A fantastic way to start the day. The FeetUp attitude is the best asana to start any yoga practice.


Some yogis speak against using yoga props like the FeetUp. What do you think about that?


I think you should use everything that supports your well-being and health. We should not limit ourselves in our thinking. It is an evolutionary process to discover something new. I think FeetUp is a wonderful tool that helps you build trust in your own body.


Do you think there is a difference whether you're male or female?

No. I think men and women enjoy the same benefits. Both will feel regenerated and rejuvenated. Balancing in inversions is a very important exercise. For everybody!

I am open to the gifts of life. And the FeetUp is a very special gift for all people.

February 29, 2016 — Dominik Singer

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